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vintage clock with a mini me

Old alarm clock & pocket watch - i have used old clocks and watches for picture frames - very cute!

"Me gustaría permitirme el lujo de tener todo el tiempo que quisiera para hacer un montón de cosas raras, cosas innecesarias, prescindibles y, sobre todo, inútiles y bobas. Por ejemplo, quererte con locura." — La vida responsable (Frag.), Amalia Bautista

Ecclesiastes 3 King James Version (KJV) every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven. Black and white photography by Victoria Ivanova_life like a thread

sirloin:  In vino veritas.

I like this photo because the refraction in of the glass created a unique photo. I like how the glasses see to change size and shape and they go further back. Still+Life+Photography

fairy bedroom theme | Two loves in one. Lantern & fairy lights

Still life photography depicts inanimate subject matter and has creative arrangement of things. It is the kind of photography that gives the photographer t

Brown | Worn leather jacket and zipper

Love an Antique Leather Jacket with a metal zipper that has those real metal teeth. No broken zippers in those babies.

http://photography-classes-workshops.blogspot.com/ #Photography Still Life Photographer - London, New York, Paris, Rome - Dennis Pedersen - gallery archive

Online photography classes // Still Life Photographer - London, New York, Paris, Rome - Dennis Pedersen - gallery archive


My name is Alexis, I'm 18 years old, I live in Paris and I practice digital double exposure. I love art and I draw for many years, and I've recently started digital work for a better quality of my work. Usually I spend 3 or 4 hours making one double expo

Beautiful motion blur and bokeh by @picsart artist tan53

Bokeh photography: Manually focus everything so the lights in the background are out of focus, and the subject (if there is one) is in focus. Also keep a small depth-of-field with a small aperture so the background is easily blurred (motion blur)

Check out omertasdemir's  image on #PicsArt  Create your own for free https://bnc.lt/f1Fc/nzV3ZbJutu

"Tipping Point" (photomanipulation), by Ömer Taşdemir. He brings together images taken in the real world, to construct surreal realities that we don't recognise but, are perfect for our minds and our dreams.

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Conceptual Photography by Chris Rivera. Chris Rivera is a Los Angeles, California based photographer focusing on conceptual image creation.