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11 Things We’d Never Expect To Turn Guys On (But Totally Do)

Totally Appropriate: “50 Shades of Grey” Onesies For Babies

"Is there anything more darling than porn references on onesies? So fun and classy! And it lets everyone know that you had to read rate Twilight fan fiction just to get hot enough to let your slob of a husband bang you." -- Helen Killer of

8 OMG Discoveries I’ve Made Thanks To Social Media

8 OMG Discoveries I’ve Made Thanks To Social Media Have you ever signed onto #Facebook and scrolled through your newsfeed expecting mundane day-after-day status updates when BAM!

Dumplings, Baby Thighs, & Sweetbreads: Re-Naming 10 Of The Most Underrated Male Body Parts

The penis, the lips, the eyes, the ass, and the rippling torsos are just a few male body parts that we're supposed to be attracted to. And we are. Wildly. But

SNL Introduces “The Real Housewives Of Disney”

Lindsay Lohan's much buzzed about hosting gig on "Saturday Night Live" this weekend turned out to be a bit of a dud. The skits were weak and LiLo relied heavily

Babies With Eyebrows Are The Best Kind Of Babies

photo by klingerwoman is a fun hastag on Instagram that is filled with hilarious photos of babies with drawn on eyebrows. You can dig through more photos of the comical, and sometimes…