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Today I've got my new gal pal @loriharder on the show & I want to tell you what I appreciate about her most - being a fitness model & having a super successful network marketing business, Lori is a person we could all easily judge on many levels using the good old, "Easy for her..." In this conversation you get to hear how it isn't always easy for her, why she keeps going and how she does when it's not, and the value of earning your happy.

Today on the podcast Christina Platt and I get into the idea that for the world to get better we have to give a crap about things, what is true abundance, and primal, innate business and women in community. Link here to listen/watch: If you dig this episode be sure to let me know in a comment on the blog, here on Pinterest or you can find me on Twitter @lizdialto, too. Sending you Monday love!

Today's guest, Angela Lauria, is one of the most brilliant business minds and someone who's done a ton of personal growth work on herself including a really impressive weight loss journey. This is one of those episodes you'll probably want to listen to more than once to extract all the nuggets. Enjoy!

I’ve got another super fun and stimulating conversation for you today with a dear friend of mine, Kate Northrup. In this episode we jam on business, sales, entrepreneurship, priorities, communication and as always when I get mommas on the show - navigating the wild world of parenting. Link is

This is a super treat today, to have another dear friend, @amyporterfield on the show. The reason it's so exciting is because I get to talk to Amy about things most people don't since her business is about social media marketing and doesn't really involve sharing much about her personal life. Enjoy and share if you know anyone these topics apply to (which I have a feeling you do!).

Today on the podcast Jessi Kneeland and I get into the many ways people choose their mentors, a behind-the-scenes view at fitness in the media, and recognizing avoidance as fear. Link to listen/watch is

NEW podcast episode! My business and money story is the topic. I get asked a lot about the process of creating Wild Soul Movement. How much it cost, how I came up with the idea, how I transitioned from fitness to this and more. You know me, I don't hold back ok details, even the embarrassing and personal ones. Click here to listen Enjoy! #wildsoul #wildsoulmovement #untameyourself #uwpodcast #podcast #business #money #entrepreneur #entrpreneurship

Ooo network marketing is hard... Yup running your own business isn't going to be easy... Anyone ever found running a business easy? Treat it like a business and it will pay you like one treat it like a hobby and it will cost you like one Adopt a 50k mindset - if you invested 50k into your network marketing business as a start up. I bet you you would work completely different