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Today I've got my new gal pal @loriharder on the show & I want to tell you what I appreciate about her most - being a fitness model & having a super successful network marketing business, Lori is a person we could all easily judge on many levels using the good old, "Easy for her..." In this conversation you get to hear how it isn't always easy for her, why she keeps going and how she does when it's not, and the value of earning your happy.

Today on the podcast Jordan Gray and I get into relationships as a container for growth and safe space, how to create thriving intimacy, and what to do when you judge your partner (or they judge you). Link to listen/watch: If you dig this episode be sure to let me know in a comment on the blog or here. Sending you Monday love!

For the past 4 years I have been building my Network Marketing business - and every single day it reminds me why NWM is a better way - it's an incredible opportunity for any person to be as successful as they are prepared to be. I love working with people and helping them to achieve their dreams!! Ask me how - I'm always looking for switched on motivated people to partner with.

Richard Branson Discusses How Failure Is Essential to Success

Perhaps I'm being sensitive. But lately I feel like a few people have been 'getting at me' having a go at me over stuff I do or like or my opinions on stuff. Tired of it now, I don't get why if they don't like me or what I post and like etc why do they not just scroll past? If I had a go over everything that hit a nerve that I saw I'd be whining constantly so can people just get a grip and leave me alone, they aren't perfect either... by Joao.Almeida.d.Eca

NEW podcast episode! My business and money story is the topic. I get asked a lot about the process of creating Wild Soul Movement. How much it cost, how I came up with the idea, how I transitioned from fitness to this and more. You know me, I don't hold back ok details, even the embarrassing and personal ones. Click here to listen Enjoy! #wildsoul #wildsoulmovement #untameyourself #uwpodcast #podcast #business #money #entrepreneur #entrpreneurship