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Focus on your achievements and what you are grateful for. This is just one of the tips from my law of attraction for business -positive thinking for business success post

LOL! Do we ever achieve all of our goals? I think not... please check out my site http://www.thecpdiary.com - which has been my goal for the last 6 years. It's changed the way I see life.

Good morning baby,I think I got hit yesterday by sarcasm meme and had to hide to my cave,And everything like fall to pieces instantly .And then in the night there was one about anorexia and I caught wrong end again I thought you are struggling with it. .It`s not easy when you not around, Like being lost without you trying to find you in pictures.

Isn't THAT WONDERFUL ??!!!... we all need a rainbow ....now and then ...would be a real blessing for sure !!... your rainbow is coming... hang in ...believe it and receive it !!! it is my wish for you and your family !!! ooooooooo : c )

I actually feel bad for what happened to you. But that's nothing compared to what you deserve my friend

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