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So i tried the sock thing where you wrap your hair in a sock like a bun overnight. (see link) and not too shabby i must say

Thank you sock bun!

I was skeptical about sock bun curls, but I tried it for myself and look at the results! I realize that this won't work for every hair type, but I'm thrilled that it works for me. HOW IT WORKS: Before you go to bed, put your hair in a ponytail on top of your head, then roll your hair into a bun with a sock scrunchie. Sleep on it overnight, and take it out in the morning. Here's the website I looked at…

I used this method for work before I became a work-from-home Mom. Sock bun at bedtime - Curls in the morning. Another way I used this method - Before work routine : shower, blowdry hair fully and while still hot, bun it... Eat, get dressed, do makeup, drive to work. Let bun out in work parking lot - VOILA! Pretty hair for work ( : - Natalie Dee