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Gracias Madre, West Hollywood

Louie Loves LA: Gracias Madre


Louie Loves LA: Bestia

The Springs

Louie Loves LA: The Springs

You guys, The Springs. In the middle of the Arts District, this place is a magical oasis of healthy things.

Petit Trois

Louie Loves LA: Petit Trois

Petit Trois is pretty much what we would design if we could dream up our perfect neighborhood restaurant. It is our neighborhood restaurant!


Louie Loves LA: Bestia

The Tasting Kitchen, Venice

Louie Loves LA: The Tasting Kitchen

Tasting Kitchen is a Venice gem and perhaps our favorite restaurant in that whole city, but for some tragic reason we hadn’t been in months.


Louie Loves LA: Madcapra

Our latest obsession is Madcapra.

Neptune's Net, Malibu

Louie Loves LA: Neptune’s Net

So we admit we just went to Neptune’s Net for the first time this past weekend.

Wanderlust Hollywood

Louie Loves LA: Wanderlust Hollywood

Alright so Wanderlust has amazing yoga and mediation and the space is beautiful and they have memberships. Or so we have been told.

Oscar's Cerveteca

Louie Loves LA: Oscar’s Cerveteca

Oscar's Cerveteca

Culver City - The Wallace - California Fresh

The Wallace - Main Street - Culver City

Cofax Coffee

Louie Loves LA: Cofax

And Cofax is definitely that.

Mozza Pizzeria: Meatballs al Forno

Dinner at Mario Batali's Pizzeria Mozza marked the end of our trip to L. Mozza is known for having some of the best pizza in the country & our pizzas did

Mickey Fine Pharmacy and Grill, Beverly Hills

Louie Loves LA: Mickey Fine Pharmacy and Grill

As our previous selections have made clear, we love any diner type establishment that we can claim is ‘old school.’ Mickey Fine definitely fits the bi


Louie Loves LA: Scoops