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Portuguese photographer Jose Ferreira traveled to the Huléne garbage dump, not far from the city's airport, and captured the harsh reality of life in this "trash land." Here, a man has found a rotten orange on the ground to eat. A photo that stuns indeed.

Namaste. We are so blessed beyond compare. It's amazing to think of this little boy and how little he has, yet how content he seems.

مـن اگر نیکـم و گر بد تو برو خود را باش هر کـسی آن درود عاقبت کار کـه کـشـت Whether I am good or bad, you go be yourself At the end, each shall reap what h/she has sown

Trash Land of Maputo

Huléne trash dump five miles outside of Maputo, Mozambique. Powerfully haunting. I definitely want to make a stop here and see what I can do to help. This breaks my heart.

This one grabs me. Passed it twice but I keep coming back. Have a feeling pro photographers do this more than we think. A rare honesty in her face.

Rick Reilly: Chy Johnson and her boys

Pulitzer Prize for Spot News Photography _ 1998: Martha Rial, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - For her life-affirming portraits of survivors of the conflicts in Rwanda and Burundi.