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I Like It,Teddy, Teddy Bear

These glasses look a bit melted, unable to stand on their own, a lot like you when you’ve had too many drinks. Each Tipsy glass is unique and no two are alike, and although they look different in size, they all hold the same amount of 250 ml. Sold in a set of 6.

collage by elizabeth st hilaire nelson I like this bird collage because the different pieces of paper plots this bird in his right look.

Cabled Round Bag pattern by Dianna Stevens

Knit purse. I like how there is interest in the design, not just a basic knit/purl.

"AC" monogram by Miro Kozel - which is STRANGELY EXACTLY THE SAME as the logo designed for me over 10 years ago. Hmm.

secondlina: “ I can’t decide if I like it better with or without the mask. ”

I like this photo manipulation because both seperate images look legit, however how they are connected is not possible. I like the idea of this because it is taking two seperate things and fusing them together.

That dress looks so comfortable. I could just imagine wearing it while walking around outside on a hot day. Not very lolita, but kind of otome.

Leona Lewis - Bleeding Love (US Version)