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Painting by Kieran Brent #endmigraines #migraines, Emphasis is used to highlight the person's face, because it is blurred against the regular pallor of the persons skin. This gives a visualization of what a migraine would look like.

Nellys handmade. It's the image on craft and the torn corrugated corner, that I like.

awe look at that face i can't decide whether to cry or just feel like aw it's not really funny but i don't really have a board to put this on.. (lavander)

20 Things True Friends Do For Each Other -

“Day 20 of #planwithmechallenge | Oops! Since getting the erasable pens I feel like my stresses level had gone down a lot! I'm not a perfectionist about…”

bucket list before i die; get a tattoo - #bucketlist #tattoo #beforeidie

Illustration by Pauline Ellison (British, b. 1946)