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Is it just my impression or are Juju hats now all the rage? I love the look of this unique wall art and one hot spot to buy one (in a variety of colours) is at Table Tonic. Images courtesy of Table Tonic and This is Glamorous.

Ideas for a Stylish Indoor Kitchen Herb Garden

A DIY plant hanger is an excellent way to bring a fresh herbs into your home. Check out this family friend plant hanger that can be added to any room for fresh herbs and beautiful blooms all year long!

Striking Organic Sculptures Made of Bird Feathers

London-based British artist Kate MccGwire creates eye-catching abstract sculptures using beguiling bird feathers.

My DIY African juju hat knockoff

Luxurious DIY juju feather hat tutorial (or feather wreath) from Songbirdblog - part of a 25 blogger #Knocktoberfest event

How To Draw An EYE - 40 Amazing Tutorials And Examples


Happy Monday my friends! I hope you had a fabulous weekend. As promised , I spent Saturday tackling a DIY project that has been on my mind for months. African headdresses, also known as Juju Hats, have become fairly popular in interior design. If you follow me on Pinterest , you have probably noticed them popping up more than once. I love how they add texture to a room and I have been lusting after one for our living room. However, I have always been a bit discouraged by their pric...