~~ Clouded Leopard ~~ stunning. We need to take better care of this planet. It doesn't belong to JUST us.

Nashville Zoo @ Grassmere [link] Clouded Leopard Neofelis nebuloso Range Southeastern part of the Asian continent from Nepal, Bangladesh and Assam (east. Clouded Leopard V

Little clouded leopard

magicalnaturetour: Clouded Leopard Cubs Show Mad Skills. The Clouded Leopard cubs, born at Houston Zoo on June are growing and developing their big cat skills. So far, the pair has mastered the art of being adorable! via ZooBorns

Clouded Leopard

Clouded Leopard (Neofelis nebulosa) It has the body size and shape of a small…

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Yes, it's a baby pig wearing boots. The boots provide two functions: they make the pig look unbearably adorable and allow her to trod in the mud without fear, a big deal since she has mysophobia—a fear of dirt. [via Best Week Ever].

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Billy showing his dark side. Paradise Wildlife Park, Shot through glass ______________________.