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76 Clean Recipes. 8 ingredients or less. 20 minutes or less to prep.   Healthy and so yummy looking! Worth it to pin!

400+ Healthy Recipes (That Won't Break the Bank)

8 ingredients or less. 20 minutes or less to prep. Healthy and so yummy looking! Worth it to pin! 8 ingredients or less.

Garden Basil Pesto Soup  http://www.babble.com/best-recipes/garden-basil-pesto-soup/

Garden Basil Pesto Soup

25 Skinny Fall Soups I made this garden vegetable pesto soup. I also made my own pesto. It was yummy :)

s'mores milkshake.

Banana S'mores S’mores Stuffed Cookies! Giant S'mores Stuffed Cookies Just when you thought S'mores couldn't ge.

If the oven calls to you when Fall weather blows in, whip up a batch of these healthy pumpkin muffins. The fiber in the oats make them hearty and filling, and the dark chocolate chips add a little extra sweetness we all crave. Mildly sweet yet

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins

HomeMadeS was created to follow and share Arfi Binsted's passion in food and food photography.

More Asian foods I would imagine. Even the cake in this picture may be with Pandan flavour?

Are you attempting to get more fit, enhance your digestive wellbeing, battle inflammation and help your immune system? Drinking a glass of detox drink (or a few) a day can help you do that! Regular H2O can without much of a stretch be changed into detox drink, by including organic products, vegetables and herbs. While all detox drinks formulas plan to flush hurtful poisons from the body, certain fixings add extra advantages. Here's our collection of detox drinks recipes that will help you…

10 Detox Drinks Recipes To Help You Lose Weight

Learn how to make this simple drink that will boost your metabolism while you sleep. 1 cucumber A bunch of parsley or cilantro 1 lemon 1 tbsp of granted ginger 1 tbsp of aloe Vera juice glass water

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Seared Scallops with White Beans and Spinach

Seared Scallops with Warm Tuscan Beans

Seared Scallops with White Beans and Spinach Scallops are an awesome source of lean protein, and are ridiculously easy to cook (around 6 minutes per scallop! Combine them with white beans, spinach, and you have a delicious dinner in a flash

"Eating for England" is written by Angharad, and her blog documents her food adventures as an English gal living in the United States.

Savory waffles, with bacon. Plus, the article links to recipes for chocolate and lemon poppy seed muffins.

Uncovering Your Hidden Abs | The Dr. Oz Show

Skinny Muffin (Energizing) cup ground flax 1 tsp baking powder 2 tsp cinnamon 1 tsp coconut oil 1 egg 1 packet stevia Mix all ingredients together in a mug and microwave for 50 seconds.

Jeroxie is an invaluable repository for stories, triumphs and failures in the kitchen, as well as eating and travel experiences.

Beef short ribs bought from Eveleigh farmers market and slow cook for at least 6 hours to reach perfection.