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The black cat analogy

Whoever made this clearly doesn't know the basics of Philosophy. Metaphysics is a part of philosophy. And neither of them can be described this way. Lol.

Anyone else look at the supermoon eclipse tonight? Got pictures? I have to resize the ones I got on my computer but I will upload them. Over here we got the Blood Super Moon. Unfortunately the clouds got in the way before it reached its apex. It was so cool and so fast. The changes were nice to see. LD

Atheism, Religion, God is Imaginary, No Proof. I've just always wanted to ask you... Why? Why don't you believe in god? And I said, I don't believe for the same reason anybody who doesn't believe in something doesn't believe. I haven't been offered enough proof. But you don't just go through your entire life only believing things for which you have evidence, do you? And I said, uh, yep.

Skeptical Third World Baby

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