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The colorful silver-eared mesia is our Rangers’ choice Spotting of the Week! Silver-eared mesia (Leiothrix argentauris) spotted by DrNamgyalT.Sherpa via Project Noah FB

Male Purple-crowned Fairy-wrens

Funny pictures about Purple-crowned fairy wrens. Oh, and cool pics about Purple-crowned fairy wrens. Also, Purple-crowned fairy wrens photos.

Kori Bustard bird - Male showing of his plumage to the ladies. - Exotic Birds

The kori bustard (Ardeotis kori) is the largest flying bird native to Africa. Photo by Paolo Maffioletti.

Silver-eared Mesia (Leiothrix argentauris).

The silver-eared mesia (Leiothrix argentauris) is a species of bird from South East Asia.

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Baby birds cuddling on branch.Cute animal pictures and happy feel good pictures. Steve jobs and bob marley quotes - adorable animals, bulldog

Pretty birds - Lady Gouldian Finch

Lady Gouldian Finch - Yellow-back

The Gouldian finch (Erythrura gouldiae), also known as the Lady Gouldian finch, Gould's finch or the rainbow finch, is a colourful passerine bird endemic to Australia.


The very best of Rabbit Carrier's pins - Amazing wildlife - Blue Peacock photo

Pajaro carpintero

The Crimson-mantled Woodpecker (Piculus rivolii) is a species of bird in the Picidae family. It is found in Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, & Venezuela. Its natural habitat is subtropical or tropical moist montanes.


Colour palette Bee-Eaters (such an odd name for such a beautiful bird.) They swoop the bees on the wing. From Europe and Africa.