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We all know redheads have extremely sensitive skin. It's second nature to keep hand lotion, body lotion and even face serums in your purse to keep your skin from falling off, but what about your scalp

By: Carmina Alvarez It’s getting cold and gray in some parts of the world and most of us want to keep our skin dewy and glowing. The last thing we want is for our skin to look dry, fatigued and dull. Some of the factors that make our skin look like this are: alcohol, processed food, salty food, even coffee

Sunscreen 101: How to Pick The Right One for You and Use it Properly!

Did you know some foods can actually prevent sunburns and provide natural sunscreen properties? For redheads, this can be life changing news. It's time to get prepared for those beach days and glisten like a Hollywood star in the sun with the right sun protection* too, of course! "New research suggests that certain types of foods and antioxidant