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USA Ice Team shared - getting ready for XIII World Ice Fishing Championship in Ukraine - this one is of 2 of our starting 5, Chad Schaub and Anthony Rodriguez, sporting cool Zubaz and the best mitts on the planet! #mukluk #stegermukluks

50°F / 10° and y this Thursday morning - so many little flowers are peeking's a challenge to decide #mukluks

Now this is mukluk weather - temps below freezing and monochromatic landscape. It is time - get those mukluks on and make sometime for the outdoors:)

28° F / -2° C with 3" / 8cm of new snow. Came to a T in my #trailblazing - not the first this morning in #mukluk #stegermukluks country

Just in: Only from authorized outfitters and retailers, and only in #Ely, #MN.

35°F / 2°C it's Friday morning & - just a beautiful morning...missed what I was shooting, but got an observer - Hint - about ¼ in from right ¼ down from top, here in #mukluk #stegermukluk country:)