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Funny lol -- Clueless Dude Tries To Buy Make-Up For His Girlfriend, It Didn't End Well Daily Funny jokes

I love when the bad guys in my favorite fandoms are actually pretty cool in real life…

What an actually considerate and cool guy…

Round of applause for Jack Gleeson, folks! Anyone who drops gender normative in a sentence automatically becomes my favorite person. You go sir! we sure miss hating you LOL)

I don't think this word search author enjoyed this assignment. - more at http://www.thelolempire.com

Got my girlfriend a crazy cat lady coloring book as a joke. The word search has…

My girlfriend said to go out and get her something that makes her look sexy. So I came back drunk. By L. B. Sommer, author of 199 Ways To Improve Your Relationships, Marriage, and Sex Life http://www.lbsommer-author.yolasite.com/drinking-signs.php#

If you enjoy laughing at people having a drink, and getting drunk off that drank. Look no further, we have plenty of funny alcohol related pictures.

The "My girlfriend turns into the moon" is from Avatar the last Airbender

Dude his girlfriend turning into the moon is sokka from avatar because you guys remember in late season one when sokkas girl was the moon and he cried and it was sad lol but I got nothing for those other ones

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 90 Pics

Funny pictures about Be always faithful to your taco. Oh, and cool pics about Be always faithful to your taco. Also, Be always faithful to your taco.

I could see me doing this. Of course, I'd be explaining to it that I was taking it home and how it was going to love it, etc, etc.  LOL

England, 1936 - A pet swan named Leila being helped into a car where she enjoys a ride to the shops. Her owner says that Leila, who has been a family pet for two years, can open doors and is a good guard dog.