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Running Hills Tips: How, Why and When to get stronger

What every runner needs to know about hill training - why do it, when to do it and how! Running faster and injury free!

It is important to find the right marathon training schedule as a beginner or intermediate runner. Here are several that will help you progress steadily, strongly and successfully to the finish line!

Although running uphill may leave you breathless, going downhill is physically more damaging to your body if you don't apply proper technique and strong form.

Marathon Training: Building Base Mileage

Marathon Training: Building Base Mileage. Starting off a marathon training program with a good mileage base is more than just the number of miles you run in a week. Try this easy approach to getting yourself ready for marathon training without getting burnt out or injured. | run chat | running tips |

Increase Speed and Endurance with Fartlek Training

Almost any form of sport or athletic workout can benefit by incorporating Fartlek into a sporting event or individual workout. Here are a few examples of how to include Fartlek training into your running sessions

How to Take 10 Minutes Off Your Half Marathon Time (Run to the Finish)

You know the half marathon is my sweet spot right? Just enough time to warm up my legs, not so long my brain can interfere! Over the years I’ve dropped my time, but a new PR is on my goal list and so