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Marty Mouse : Internashunal Bizness Rat Photo by Sarah Hunt -- National Geographic Your Shot

(3) Одноклассники

Talented musical rats strike up a tune with their miniature instruments - Telegraph

Pet Rats

looks like someone had a party...

Rat having a good time lying down on owner's laptop keyboard

My rats would love this.

Funny pictures about Tiny Rat-Sized Pancakes. Oh, and cool pics about Tiny Rat-Sized Pancakes. Also, Tiny Rat-Sized Pancakes photos.

This looks like a hamster version of Katy Perry.

Funny pictures about Hamster Minaj . Oh, and cool pics about Hamster Minaj . Also, Hamster Minaj photos.

The Adorable Adventures Of Marty Mouse | Bored Panda

The Adorable Adventures Of Marty Mouse

Meet Martin "Marty" Mouse, an adorable rodent whose big personality means a lot of adventure

What Makes the Western Pygmy Possum Mighty – Voices

It may be little, but already the Western pygmy possum has overcome insurmountable odds.

Guinea pigs dressed as dinosaurs @Jessi Parrett Weaver FOR JILLIAN PLEASE!!!

16 Ridiculously Photogenic Rodents

Who doesn't love a guinea pig dressed as a dinosaur? The most important guinea pigs in the world. These ferocious dino guinea pigs