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KRITTER Gyerekszék - kék - IKEA

KRITTER Gyerekszék, fehér

MAMMUT Children's table - IKEA

IKEA MAMMUT Children's table In/outdoor light pink cm Perfect for small children to sit at and play, draw, do crafts or set the table for a cosy.

MAMMUT Children's chair - IKEA

IKEA MAMMUT Children's chair In/outdoor/light green Perfect for small children to sit at and play, draw, do crafts or set the table for a cosy picnic in .

Whimsical Wardrobe for baby's room. I love this! Can use this to hang baby's clothes instead of/in addition to the closet. $179.00

MAMMUT Wardrobe IKEA Deep enough to hold standard-sized adult hangers. The drawer stop prevents the drawers from being pulled out too far.

IKEA chest.  Wish I could do all new rooms for the kids in this Dr. Suess style!

MAMMUT 3 drawer chest - pink/red - IKEA would look just perfect in their room!

IKEA - MAMMUT  Children's chair, blue  			  $14.99	    (The MAMMUT collection is perfect for a cat in the hat themed room)			  					  					undefined - undefined  Valid while supplies last in participating US stores only.

we have this already, in green - MAMMUT children's chair, blue Width: 15 " Height: 26 " Seat depth: 10 " Width: 39 cm Height: 67 cm Seat depth: 26 cm

I love the look, but I wish they were wood (but obviouly they'd cost more!) $7.99 - MAMMUT Children's stool - white - IKEA

MAMMUT Children's stool, white indoor/outdoor, white

IKEA - MAMMUT, Children's stool, , , Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

MAMMUT Children's table - light pink, 30 3/8x21 5/8 " - IKEA

MAMMUT Children's table - light pink, 30 " - IKEA with light pink matching styled chairs!

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