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Baby pictures are always attractive. These are cute and funny babies doing naughty things, which brings slighter smile on your face and sometimes make you laugh

Thanks, young Audrey Hepburn, for teaching us about humor! I'm not a terrible person, I promise :)

British diver Nicholas Robinson-Baker has a large tattoo on his chest of the the Olympic rings. Here Robinson-Baker is shown competing in the men's 1m springboard diving preliminaries at the European Swimming Championships in Budapest  August 11, 2010.

Ermahgerd I'm in the Olympics! - Funny Ermahgerd joke with an Olympic athlete jumping in the water: ".erm in the erlympurks!

I was actually enjoying the heartfelt story and then there was that

Such a sweet story. and then that comment and I just WOW I'm laughing so hard right now XD

Shhh!!  I don't like anyone or anything in the morning!

So me! We have a 2 cup rule at my house. No child may annoy, antagonize or aggravate the Mommy until she has finished at least 2 cups of coffee.

Pahahaha - Continued!

Pahahaha - - ††††† Rеpin Іf you likе my pin :)

Lol this always gets to lil kiddos!

"Got your nose"

My sister says you got her nose.you give it back now and nobody gets hurt. Just laughs fun and humor

Single Ladies with Justin Timberlake- it's never not funny.  Justin actually has rhythm wearing those heels!

Video of Single Ladies with Justin Timberlake. Still my all time favorite SNL moment Saturday Night Live Justin Timberlake August 2013

Funny faces in everyday objects

Funny faces in everyday objects