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Business cards are in!!! We are loving them, now it's time to start tying!

Homestuck cosplay - Bringing people together through mutual "NOBODY KNOWS WHAT WE'RE DOING OR WHY WE'RE SO EXCITED ABOUT IT"ness. <== Well, for my followers who are unaware, we are starting a Christmas revolution where we cosplay as a homestuck and visit a mall Santa or something and sit in his lap and take a picture.

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The 34 Movies You Need To See This Summer

Pitch Perfect 2 #film | I do have some misgivings about certain characterisations and the representation of the non-white and straight characters but I can't deny I didn't laugh...alot.

{Words of Me Project}: 52 Weeks Being Me [I really want to try this - I've started reading about it on her blog and it sounds great - and it's free too]

Did you guys know we moved into our first house recently*? No? Because allow me to talk about it again for the eleventy-billionth time! We did. And you’re probably starting to roll your eyes at me at this point but it’s huge! Now that we’re starting to get settled the excitement is real. Aside from our bathroom (which is 99.9% done by the way), we have a wholeeeeee house to play with. So naturally I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for inspiration galore. And this Victorian home? It has…

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5 Ways to Automate Your Business

Ways to Automate Your Business

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Coconut and Lime Chia Pudding

I have been hearing the word Chia a lot lately. I first ran into someone making chia bars and then I starting seeing photos of Chia pudding pop up all over Instagram. I realized it was time to try out this healthy foodie favorite. I did a quick search to learn more about Chia seeds …

Well, Gravity Falls is ending. I’m... Gonna cry now

Fintage - great 1930s look. Not sure I can pull off a tie