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The Curious Case Of Brock Turner 19 year old Stanford student gets 6 months for rape! - YouTube

Irony of the Negro Policeman by artist Jean Basquiat. "VIDEO: Cop Was Beating Unarmed Man So Bad, His Fellow Officer Tried to Stop It -- But Failed." His fellow police officer did absolutely fucking nothing to try and stop this savage ass beast! This black cops' oppressors taught him well!

Narcotics Cop Who Ruined Countless Lives for Weed Possession, Busted with $2 Million in Marijuana - Counter Current News

▶ Slave Narratives Full - YouTube (This video would be most appropriate for older students--contains some scenes/narrative that would be disturbing for younger students.)

Handled like a true slave owner. "You incited this, not him!" Edina Police Incident 10/12/16 - YouTube