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Magazine - Embroidered Portraits by Maurizio Anzeri

Click to enlarge image The-embroidered-secrets-of-Maurizio-Anzeri-yatzer-8.jpg


Magazine - Embroidered Newspapers by Lauren DiCioccio

embroidered newspapers | Lauren DiCioccio

Observational study for an International GCSE Art project - A comprehensive sketchbook page based on the natural forms of shells.


Magazine - Embroidered Newspapers by Lauren DiCioccio

Embroidered Newspapers, Lauren DiCioccio

Colour is something that i want to have with my final design. It needs to be colourful so that the design seems alive and energetic. I like the colours in this image as they change depending on the shape of the crushed can.

Mark making workshop with Dorothy Caldwell...

I love this photograph of a frozen rose, to me it represents growth and nature frozen in time, along with looking like a powerful piece even though its a simple technique, this has been made more powerful due to the way the photographer has taken the picture

Clever Conceptual Photo Manipulations That Tell a Story - Tuts+ Design & Illustration Article

from RadioTimes

The best 3D gifs from Doctor Who to Sherlock to Star Wars

The best 3D gifs from Doctor Who, Sherlock, Star Wars, Frozen and more.