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Childfree couples are families too. I hate when people ask if I have a family-of course I do!

I'm tired of your posts being just straight couples... so here's a cute gay or bi (or whatever sexuality they identify as) love is love

"I disagree with the term "gay rights". Why would there be gay rights ? Just call it human rights, anyone should have the same rights ! THIS is equality. "

My Cousin was sent to church camp to "fix" the gay in him. He came home with a boyfriend (just makes me happy)

My English test today mentioned "Gregg and his boyfriend," and I smiled like an idiot. It's the first time I've seen a gay couple in a test question #progress

IT'S BEAUTIFUL (and it's completely okay to be a promiscuous or polyamourous pansexual too)

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahha. This changes everything.

Is it me, or does the guy smiling lying on his back look like Jenson Ackles?

Yes!! A fluff story about an assumed straight couple due to our heteronormative society, and then boom! They're gay.