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In Focus: Previous Unrest In Baltimore

An Illustration of Soldiers Firing on a Mob during the Railroad Strike in Baltimore, Maryland on July 29, 1877.

The Great Strike of 1877: Violent Clashes In American Cities

The Great Strike of 1877: Violent Clashes In American Cities: The Great Railroad Strike of 1877 began with clashes at Martinsburg, West Virginia.

knights of labor: The Knights of Labor, officially Noble and Holy Order of the Knights of Labor, was the largest and one of the most important American labor organizations of the 1880s. Its most important leader was Terence V. Powderly.

Tolpuddle Martyrs ----- In 1834, farm workers in west Dorset formed a trade union. Unions were lawful and growing fast but six leaders of the union were arrested and sentenced to seven years’ transportation for taking an oath of secrecy. A massive protest swept across the country. Thousands of people marched through London and many more organised petitions and protest meetings to demand their freedom.

scot nakagawa: asians are the wedge

Labor Strike: This is definitely a challenge. Especially for the businesses, when one unhappy person could cause a commotion and lead to a labor strike. This could hurt the company by losing profits, and a company know that everyone wont always be happy.

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In the end, workers eventually gave up, but had long lasting ill feelings toward Hayes for his action. The railroad strike of 1877 failed, but worker's demands were still met.