The traditional princess cake, an old Swedish wedding standby, is normally covered in green marzipan. In our decidedly floral interpretation of the confection, the dome-shaped cake was cloaked in pink fondant and topped it with a smattering of real cherry blossoms, some of which have been coated with sugar.

This enchanting cake takes inspiration from one of Alberta Ferretti's ornately designed dresses. Contributing editor Wendy Kromer, owner of Wendy Kromer Specialty Confections, crafted the blooms from gum paste and attached them to tiers covered in peach-tinted fondant with royal icing. To carry the peach theme to the filling, stick with jam, not fresh fruit. "Fondant cakes are made the day before an event, and anything fresh will start to ooze into the layers in a few hours," she says. As…

This cake reflects a dreamy springtime moment amid the cherry trees, when a breeze scatters the dainty blossoms into the air. Here, they seem to drift from the top of the cake, where they are densely massed, down to the bottom, where the pink petals break apart as they would in nature.

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