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Agnes is an elegant design, featuring a modular structure which can be assembled in configurations starting from a small, 10-light chandelier to a large, 40-light chandelier or even larger sizes. “Agnes, in its ideal state, would be a very large fixture. You could fill up a whole ceiling," says the designer. Articulated joints allow for the bulbs to be rotated and arranged in a multitude of ways. The bulbs can be completely vertical, which is churchlike and formal. When the angles change, it…

Umut Yamac’s Perch Light

Umut Yamac’s Perch #Light > The architect's perfectly balanced, origami-inspired paper light

MATTER | ITEM: DEADSTOCK CATHERINE TABLE LIGHT DESIGNER: CASTOR MANUFACTURER: CASTOR MATERIALS: STEEL, BRASS, CARRARA MARBLE DIMENSIONS: L19"x W4.75"x H16.5" Cord 72" DESCRIPTION: The Catherine Table Lamp is designed around a cylindrical shade salvaged from a defunct lighting factory. It has a base made of a Carrara marble salvaged from the first Canadian place and a support made of precisely machined brass. Bulb: dimmable 5W CFL (30 watt equivalent output), G 16.5 PRICE: $800.00

This furniture collection makes use of various knitting and weaving techniques

Cinnamon Sugar Pecans

An incredibly easy recipe for candied pecans, perfect for holiday snacking or gift-giving!