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Caterpillar which becomes the Black Swallowtail butterfly...many people do not understand that is order to have butterflies one must first have something for the caterpillar to eat...these loved my fennel and when disturbed, shoot out little orange horns that exude an orangy odor...nice!

Snout Moth(Neolepidoptera; Pyraloidea) photographed by Greg & Marybeth Dimijian at Poco Sol, Costa Rica in 1990

from Mail Online

This will bug you... The indestructible micro-animals that can survive the vacuum of space - and most of them are after your blood

A processionary moth caterpillar ta, found in south and central Europe, is not a friend to humans - it can cause skin irritation and asthma

The Malachite (Siproeta stelenes) is a neotropical brush-footed butterfly (family Nymphalidae). The malachite has large wings that are black and brilliant green or yellow-green on the uppersides and light brown and olive green on the undersides. It is named for the mineral malachite, which is similar in color to the bright green on the butterfly's wings.