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Baby Navann, at Elephant Nature Park, Chang Mai, Thailand.

Mama Elephant Gives Baby Her First Bath, My Heart is MELTING!! --This should be an ad for that blow up pool...Impressive.

Elephant Celebration - Happy 2nd birthday Navann.

Little Navann has filled up Tubtim life to be more happy. Every day to see Tubtim has a willing to live and she get stronger and become more healthy make all of us also full of joy. From the first day since we met her and compare with her life today, we can see the…

I have this added to my bucket list. Playing with elephants for at least a week in Thailand!!

Our chubby boy Navann loves to play with his toys, a tire, blue tub and blue ribbon, just like any child. We are impressed to see he is being a happiness young elephant, growing up with out fears and worries.

While Sook Sai still not get accept to join the Navann’s Nanny team, she always find a short time to play with Navann. Every morning when Navann walk from the shelter across to the field she will wait at the same spot and call. Navann will run to her and the others nanny will stand around to wait while they both enjoy playing together.

Navann likes to play rough and when he plays with the other young ones, as Khun Dej or Yin Dee their nannies always come to interrupt between them. So, today he found his best playmate to be Sook Sai. Navaan has brought Sook Sai to see through the eyes of a child again.