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Happy 4th Birth Day, Navann! 28 Oct 2012 ~ 4 years ago we got a very special gift from Sri Pare who gave birth to the little boy Navann. Navann means “Gold” in Cambodian, he is confident, intelligent, playing with his toys: tire, log, stick, fire hose, ball, and diving into the river and rolling in the thick mud pit. A son of Hope, he is a clown and loves to be a center of attention. He uses his charm to invite the female elephants to join his herd as his nannies. He is amazing!

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Elephant Nature Park

Navann is living his wonderful life with warm love and good care from his mother and nannies. The family is the best protector. We do not wonder why he is always happy and playful in every day. Such a cheerfulness elephant. ‪#‎ElephantNaturePark‬ ‪#‎TheHerd‬ ‪#‎Navann‬

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Baby Elephant, Navann, Plays In A Mud Pit And Swims In A River (VIDEO)

Our chubby boy Navann loves to play with his toys, a tire, blue tub and blue ribbon, just like any child. We are impressed to see he is being a happiness young elephant, growing up with out fears and worries.

Navann pushing yindee, they love playing together although mama and nannies are alert Navann isn't to rough