Curated Collection of Hypnotic Double Exposure Portraits

Cityscape Portraits :Andrea Constantini is an Italian photographer and graphic designer, and founder of PhotogtaphizeMag, an independent, free, electronic

Anastasia Savinova’s Architecture Collages

The Spirit of Cities Captured in Collage Silo / RU . Image Courtesy of Anastasia Savinova

Saatchi Online Artist - Chris Lord - Photomontage 2012 Assemblage Collage - "Walls And Towers"

Giacomo Costa_'Agglomerato diasec on perspex Photography manipulation idea, collage or photoshop many of your own images or mix with secondary source.

ryanpanos: “ Extracts of Local Distances Digital scans of analogue architectural photography form tiny pieces of a large resulting puzzle. The original pictures are being analysed and categorised.

“Migrants” turns an analytical gaze on the architecture of my past and present while offering a personal reflection on the nature of home. Ideas of home and dislocation have always been compelling …