Some Gorgeous Needle Painting – Needle’

Some Gorgeous Needle Painting

rest.....well deserved, Patti!  I miss seed-factory, though! :(

SO true for teachers . "Sometimes the most urgent & vital thing you can possibly do is take a complete rest.

I love love. | Jessica Hische #type #invitation #card #hische #jessica

typeworship: “ Proposal poster Beautifully styled lettering for a poster used by the client, Stuart Lang, to propose to his girlfriend. “ “He wrote at just the right moment in time—I was in a.

Type A — The Bold Italic — San Francisco

Obsessions can often act as a form of escapism, but for Jessica Hische and Erik Marinovich, they feed their livelihood. Worshippers of illustrative lettering, they are hailed in the design industry…

Typography  Harry Potter work by Jessica Hische for Entertainment Weekly  #typography #de

Two of my favorite things — Harry Potter and Jessica Hische. Harry Potter work by Jessica Hische for "Entertainment Weekly" -