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one direction in milan today!!! (12/12/13) THEYRE ALL SO HOT I DONT UNDERSTAND HOW THEY CAN ALL BE SO PERFECT WHAT

one direction in milan today!

Louis Tomlinson

Louis' football jersey for today! I am so proud of you Louis, living 2 dreams (':

Cool convertible

One Direction Valentines Includes 1 Poster 35 Stickers and 32 Valentines

I don't know why, you're being shy, and turn away when I _____

Finish the Lyric - One Direction Edition

wait for it. from the story The Football Coach

Heck yes we are

Heck yes we are. You know they've made it big when you walk into the perfume dep. and the thing the worker says is "Are you ladies looking for One Direction?

This is so funny, because I imagine that Niall is probably like this sometimes!!! It's so cute!

Niall looks like an irritating 4 year old that never leaves you alone

1D facts:) I LOVE the one about Niall taking out his ear piece. And when Niall's mum said that!!!! Hahaha i can TOTALLY imagine it!!! (Yes, Im american, but it didn't feel right using an irish name like Niall and then saying mom right after. You've gotta say mum)

I love these boys so much<< Man I love them << i knew i picked the right band