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Niall and his obsession with touching people's faces randomly..<3

Niall has this obsession with touching people's faces randomly. He can touch mine anyday.

one direction

[fetus] Liam Doing A hand stand while Louis and Harry pulling his shirt up! lol good old days!


Rice farmer harry is taking over! No but rice farmer harry is one of my favorite Harry's

that's cause one direction is sooo much better than you! HAHAHAHAHA THEY ARE SUCH IDIOTSSSSS!

the harry moments on

The Wanted: "Even our fans vote for One Direction!

This pissed me off. I mean the BTR one has them all. Why must they do that?!? I mean I'm not blaming Harry or anything. Cuz I really don't think he knew he was gonna get all the attention. I mean seriously it's just not Harry it's Zayn, Louis, Niall and Liam. Every time I see something like this I get so pissed off.

love him to death but seriously. there's four other gorgeous boys who deserve to be noticed too.<<< Maroon 5 only shows Adam lavigne too and why does BTR get to have all of them on there


One Direction.You Are Totally Something Special