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It's not that my standards are too high, it's just that my daddy set an amazing example of how a man should treat me.

I don't have any kids but I certainly have messes and I just love this sentiment - life's too short to fret over a little dust or the occasional dirty dish!

Sometimes a person puts you in to their desires and it's not you they want. They just want someone. You are one in a buffet line of quick replacements because it isn't you they value. They might not even know you. They want someone. Anyone to fit into the puzzle. And when you didn't. When you had your own dreams and aspirations that didn't fit into their fantasy they judged, criticized, rejected and moved quickly to replace. That's not love...sometimes you're just an object of affection.

Be Like A Tree by =rue789 on deviantART Buy a print! http://rue789.deviantart.com/art/Be-Like-A-Tree-297895770#

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