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Vogue Dolls

Vogue Ginny Dolls- vintage and vintage reproductions

Vogue Simply Elegant Sister Vintage Reproduction Ginny Doll  from 2011 is offered on Ebay as a 10 day auction. There is also a Buy-It-Now listing that is separate. Her big sister Jill is in a separate listing.

Powerstep® ProTech Full Length, Men's 5-5 1/2, Women's 7-7 1/2

Vintage Dolls, Paper Dolls, Temple, Precious Moments, Plush, Paper Puppets, Temples, Buddhist Temple, Sweatshirt

Offered for sale in a 10 day Ebay auction. Vogue-Brunette-Thinking-of-You-Ginny-Vintage-Reproduction-Doll-with-Card-2010

Vogue Brunette Thinking of You Ginny Vintage Reproduction Doll with Card, 2010 - newly listed auction.




Dressed doll Face includes hand-painted details Fine quality vinyl and hard plastic Agatha Primrose head sculpt fashion body Bisque skin tone Light green painted eyes


Effanbee(Tonner) New HALF PINT SWEETIE PIE DOLL - NRFB-Patsy Bending Knee Body

Dressed dollFace includes hand-painted detailsFine quality vinyl and hard plasticHalf Pint head 2014 New Patsy

Shipboard Wedding #Marilyn - TONNERDirect

Marilyn Monroe Shipboard Wedding Doll Tonner 2013 has been listed at my Tias site as Item She is 16 inches tall. The outfit comes from the movie, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.

http://www.tonnerdoll.com/my-imagination/18-alice   I really need another 18" doll but....I think this one is on my TO BUY list

Collectible Fashion Dolls, dolls and outfits by Tonner Doll and Wilde Imagination.

Painted Lash Walker Ginny by Vogue All Original

Painted Lash Walker Ginny by Vogue: Removed

At The Spa Ginny by Vogue

At The Spa Ginny by Vogue