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zebra head

Elizabeth Stanley: Design with humor

The forest folk pattern is in the shop. Little creatures that fit in the palm of your hand and are cozy in your pocket. I'm so excited to share this pattern with you - it is a satisfying project to...

gather ye scraps – the forest folk pattern is here – ann wood handmade

Photographer Thomas Shahan takes incredible close up macro pictures from a bugs eye-view


A house fly. Photographer Thomas Shahan takes incredible close up macro pictures from a bugs eye-view

Always played with these in the bath... think the blonde woman looked just like my mum! Still does!

Weebles - not sure which one it was that i threw at my sisters head but i think it was one with a green bottom!

Word Animals- Designer: Dan dan@wordanimals.co.uk  I could totally see these framed in a kids play room.

Word animals LOL, DAMN!

Funny pictures about Animals In Words. Oh, and cool pics about Animals In Words. Also, Animals In Words photos.

Okay, here's a totally other way to cover your walls. Whether you go faux or real, this list is for you OR for you to argue over.   	  The pink unicorn head above is stunning version of the real thing (:)) made out of resin, while the goat skull below is a real one from Skulls Unlimited, which was started in 1986 by Jay Villamarette, who built it into an international business with his wife, Kim. The world's leading supplier of osteological specimens, these folks have a museum and supply…

Best Animal Heads: Faux, Real & Skulls Unlimited — Maxwell's Daily Find 04.20.15

Idea for a girls bedroom- The Bayer Unicorn Head in Cameo Pink w/Gold Glitter Staff - Magical Pink Resin Unicorn - Unicorn Wall Mount Art- Unicorn Horn Kids Decor

Parody of the mysterious ticking noise by Harry Potter puppet pals on YouTube

69 Of The Best Tumblr Posts To Ever Grace The Internet

Funny pictures about Potter Animal Pals. Oh, and cool pics about Potter Animal Pals. Also, Potter Animal Pals.