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'Issa and the Skull of the Giant' By Nicholas Roerich 1932

Issa and giant's head - Nicholas Roerich "ancient manuscripts and oral legends reveal that Jesus received direct training in Egypt and in the East. In India and Tibet, Jesus is known as Saint Issa, where many shrines to Saint Issa can be found.

February 12, 1879 Saint Petersburg, Russian Empire Died	October 5, 1955 (aged 76) Kalimpong, India

Helena Ivanovna Roerich (February 1879 – October visited New Jersey and New York.


Whispers of Desert (Story about New Era) - Nicholas Roerich

Helena Roerich - Mother of Agni Yoga

Н.К.Рерих. Чаша Будды (1934) - Пошук Google

Н.К.Рерих. Чаша Будды (1934) - Пошук Google