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“It's cool to be kind! We are so grateful to have so many kind hearted followers, customers, stockists & friends ❤️”

“✧ HAPPY NEW YEAR ✧ To all of our amazing followers, customers, stockists & friends, cheers to another year of your kindness, love & support. Bring on…”

“Let's spread some love this morning. If you know someone (or lots of friends) that need a pep talk, a virtual hug, a high five, or a thank you, make it…”

“Happy Monday! We're going to give you some kindness today & extend our massive ONLINE WAREHOUSE SALE for one last day!! You now have until midnight…”

“Hello friends. I am still alive : ) My #LaraBook deadline was last Friday, but my editor has graciously given me a small extension. I will remain off…”

“When I let go and surrender to stillness, I remember. I don't have to hold the reins of control with clenched fists. When I am still, my palms open and I…”

“Are you spending more time planning and worrying than living? Do you find yourself striving to rise to a standard that feels like it's crushing you? Words…”

“Have #Hope, don't give up!! #brushlettering #handlettering #typography #typeshowcase #calligritype #thedailytype #PentelBrushPen #mexturesapp”

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