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'Just what the world needs' is what I was told by my boss the day I turned up with newly bleached locks.. This is a collection of thoughts, lyrics and images that tickle my fancy. I do not have copyright to most things I post.

Backlash after comedian tweets Ten Rape Prevention Tips for attackers

Sarah Silverman's 10 Tips to Prevent Rape for attackers unleashes a barrage of 'man-splaining' on Twitter. Goddamn this woman hits the heart of the matter - of course Daily Mail ends this with a list of Silverman's relationship history *massive eyeroll*

14 Times Russell Howard Nailed It

When someone complained in Claridge's that a woman breastfeeding on a nearby table was offensive.

Simpsons artist creates adorable animal cartoons in her spare time

- ̗̀ saith my he A rt ̖́-

You Will Probably Laugh For Hours Once We Show What Its Like To Be A Modern Woman