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printing with foam and washable markers instead of ink!

monoprint: plexi + washable markers. From Mrs. Jahnig's blog.

I let the students choose which printing process they wanted to do. They enjoyed both but I still like the watercolor one. :-) Students used mr. sketch watercolor/washable markers and colored their foam plate. I then carried a squirt bottle and sponge around when they were ready to print. Students squirted 2-3 sprays and sponged the paper... laid the wet side on top of the foam and pressed. They also really enjoyed using the brayers, so it was like the best of both worlds yesterday for them.

Monoprints: for Dot Day, or for radial design. Could this work using a foam picnic plate???

printmaking without a press with Linda Germain: More foam Plate Prints

My favorite printing lesson ever! The 2nd graders dropped liquid watercolor on color diffusing paper and then printed Klimt-like trees using scratch foam and ink on top.

Artopotamus Self-portraits. With a washable marker, stu trace reflection onto a Lowe's mirror tile. A dampened piece of wet paper is placed on top to get a print. Complete with markers, colored pencil for expressive line self-portrait. Love this!

5th grade. radial symmetry. analogous colors. marker, colored pencil.