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Jelly shots

Mix lime gatorade with sprite and possibly lime sherbert. When the guests arrive you can put in some gummy worm ice cubes and pop rocks then watch the bubble and pop!

Get the cleveland.   - Delish.com

Winning NFL-O Shots To Get You Through The Game

Cincinnati Bengals Jell-O Shots oz. orange Jell-O 2 envelopes plain gelatin

Halloween Punch #shop #cbias #SpookyCelebration

Halloween Recipes for Dessert and Halloween Punch

Worm Juice Punch Gallon Hawaiian Punch (Fruit Juicy Red) 2 Liters 1 cup Apple Juice + juice for ice cube trays Gummy Worms

Witches brew for kids very easy

it turns out dark green, like witch's brew, but is super delicious. my friend rosemeredith & i made this up on new year's eve :chef"

27 Incredibly Easy Ways To Upgrade Any Halloween Party


Orange Hot Chocolate recipe - Peeps for marshmallows - that rocks! (idk about the orange hot chocolate, but I LOVE the peep marshmallows!

Bcomplex Vit. Crushed up for uv active glow. One per gallon. Consumable. Party drinks!

Fast, easy and cheap! ~ Glowing liquid and you can drink it! (A little excited, can you tell?) Note: You need a black light behind the beverage container.

Art and science

Combine ART and SCIENCE with this fun experiment and butterfly craft! (Science for Kids: Chromatography Butterfly Craft ~ Buggy and Buddy) The Very Hungry Caterpillar