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from Fuzzy & Birch

The Etsy Journals

As far as google thinks, I’m the first blogger to publish an income report specifically for my Etsy shop. And believe me: I’m scared shitless about it. It’s creepy to share your finances online. It pretty much violates every financial commandment handed down to me by my (stereotypically Jewish) parents…but I promise you, I have a higher purpose: I’m sick of giving advice about Etsy success when you can’t visibly see how that advice is working for me. Click to see how I did this month!


I thought this was unique because it uses glasses as the e's. They don't look like e's, but the reader assumes by the rest of the letters and the visual.

from FreeRangeKids

Why FreeRange?

Love THIS! "We are not daredevils. We believe in life jackets and bike helmets and air bags. But we also believe in independence. So here’s to Free Range Kids, raised by Free Range Parents willing to take some heat. I hope this web site encourages us all to think outside the house."

from Soap Deli News

Chili & Chocolate Homemade Sore Muscle Salve Recipe

This Chili & Chocolate Homemade Sore Muscle Salve Recipe is great for stiff muscles & aches and is formulated for use in conjunction with a body massage.

Resiliency study-Mindfulness and Psychotherapy

fill each bottle with about 3/4 water (* use hot water so that the glue “melts” better… room temp or cold will cause it to stay separate), an entire bottle of glitter glue and a small tube of ultra fine glitter. Play with the mixture until the glitter settles at about 5 min. Add more clear gel glue to make it go slower or more water to make it settle faster.

from Cooksister | Food, Travel, Photography

Smoked salmon and avocado stacks

Smoked salmon and avocado stacks - Cooksister | Food, Travel, Photography

This is so me! When they arnt home by that time, I call them. and if they don't answer, I just keep calling them.

from joleisa

How to Forgive and Forget

Here’s my disclaimer to this post on forgive and forget to start off with: It is not easy, but it is so worth it!   Have you ever been hurt and hurt and hurt by the same person? Feels like torture, doesn’t it? But the right thing to do is to forgive! The forgiveness part …