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ZOOM IN: HUM NUTRITION Founders Walter Faulstroh and Chris Coleridge on creating the first line of beauty vitamins. “Before Hum, most vitamins were complicated and did not solve modern day problems,” says Hum Nutrition co-founder Walter Faulstroh. “Chris and I decided to change that by starting with the consumer’s needs first and having the best brains in nutrition formulate a solution around them.” Having already launched successful ventures in smart water and a gym chain, the progression…

Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants. - sound advice that has even greater impact my second time through the book, especially during this cleanse.

7/16 AI robots denounce child-bearing as 'immoral,' claim the purpose of life is 'to serve the greater good' and 'live forever,' and get angry when questioned on ethics

7 Smart Reasons to Unplug From Your Technology

The benefits of tuning out your tech on the National Day of Unplugging Day are so much greater than a simple respite from all those message alerts. Here’s how to pass the time (and why).

Are You Tired All the Time?

Are You Tired All the Time? Having low levels of iron or vitamin D or B12 can make you feel tired, anxious, and weak, says Irene Park, a nurse practitioner in New York City. Many experts believe that a significant percentage of the U.S. population is deficient in vitamin D. “And lower levels of vitamin D can cause muscle weakness and pain,” says Keenan. Also, if you’re a woman of reproductive age, you’re statistically at greater risk for iron-deficiency anemia. Read on