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Esta casa en la zona de Pacific Palisades de California, está diseñado para el entretenimiento al aire libre, con un gran patio, con piscina, cocina y área de comedor al aire libre, chimenea al aire libre y cubierta de sol!

Contemporary two-storey home located in Pacific Palisades, California, designed by O plus L.

Miami Beach Residence by Luis Bosch  Home builder Luis Bosch has sent us images of a house he recently built in Miami Beach, Florida.

This luxurious residence designed by Luis Bosch for former racing driver Eddie Irvine is situated on Miami Beach, Florida. Visit Luis Bosch’s Website

This 15,000-square-foot ‘modern barn’-style home in Beverly Hills will list for $48 million.

Inside a $48 Million ’Modern Barn’ House

The Beverly Hills home includes Italian furnishings and three stocked bars; other features include a infinity-edge pool, a home theater, a wine room and an outdoor entertaining pavilion.


Amalfi Drive Residence by Daryl Olesinski

C'est vendredi, rêvons un peu et évadons-nous ! Direction les États-Unis et plus précisément la Californie pour découvrir cette résidence réalisée par SPAC

Arby Residence à Beverly Hills par SPACE International

Wohnen im Paradies unter der Sonne Kaliforniens 2

Amalfi Drive Residence in Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles, California is a sq. modern luxury home designed by O plus L.

I know this is a front yard but it is just soooo stunning and surprisingly private it could be a backyard. I love this for living in a densely populated are or near a busy street.