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Top 10 Exercises To Keep Yourself In Shape During Pregnancy

Don't use pregnancy as an excuse to not be in shape! Read more for 6 proven methods to exercise while pregnant! #fitmom

from MomJunction

Squats During Pregnancy - Benefits And Safe Squatting Exercises

Are you pregnant & looking at safe exercises to stay healthy & fit? Performing squats during pregnancy will help you stay sound & prepares the body. Know how

from Frugal Mom Eh!

50 Things to do While You Nest & Prep for a New Baby

50 Things to do While You Nest & Prep for a New Baby... because pregnancy will turn you into a woman on a mission whether you like it or not!

from Life As Mama

7 Awesome, Safe Workouts For Pregnant Moms

Prenatal exercise can help keep you and your baby healthy, prevent gestational diabetes, and speed up your postnatal recovery time. Even with all of these advantages, it is important to remember that not all of the exercises you do regularly are safe or comfortable during pregnancy.