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Visiting Auschwitz-Birkenau Concentration Camp

A poignant and moving article about visiting Auschwitz for the first time, including photos and a guide for first time visitors. >>> This is the room of childrens shoes

Top 16 des plus belles photos de villes sous la pluie, par Christophe Jacrot

This is really cool, the kind of image I'd like to capture, like the fact it's night time, like the use of colours and composition with the subject to the light, and again it's raining.

The Sixties

Tower Bridge's West Walkway, situated 42 meters above the Thames, will host this new photographic exhibition. Focusing on the people, places, events and designs that epitomised the 1960s the 26 large scale panels will be accompanied by an extended caption explaining the history of each image. Subjects include Twiggy, Michael Caine, Elizabeth Taylor, The Aldermaston marches, Harold Wilson and Jackie Stewart.

Early America ~ Who Were the Groups to Discover America "First"?~ Close Activity

Subject Area: Social StudiesGrades: 2Strand: American HistoryStandard: Historical KnowledgeStandard: SS.2.A.2.1 Recognize that Native Americans were the first inhabitants in North America. (Aligned with Who We Are as Americans text, Unit 2)SS.1.A.2.1 Understand history tells the story of people and events of other times and places.Objective/Learning Target: The student will be able to recognize that Native Americans were the first inhabitants to discover North America, thousands of years…

George Clint (style of), 'The Betrothal of Princess Charlotte and Prince Leopold', Brighton&Hove Museums and Art Galleries. Whilst BBC dates this to c.1816, taking for granted that the painting's origin is coterminous with the event of its subject's engagement, I actually think this is a nostalgic work completed after the Princess's death. For this gown looks to be fashionable for the period c.1820-5, and out of place when compared to other portrayals of Charlotte.