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Top 16 des plus belles photos de villes sous la pluie, par Christophe Jacrot

This is really cool, the kind of image I'd like to capture, like the fact it's night time, like the use of colours and composition with the subject to the light, and again it's raining.

Dreamhack Organizer Arrested in Torrent Site Crackdown While is relatively unknown in most countries it gained local fame in Sweden as one of the top private trackers. This ended abruptly a few weeks ago when the sites homepage was replaced with a worrying message indicating the sites operators were in trouble. The week Rarat was subject to a search seizure and arrest. This follows a 2013 complaint from a film company that tracked down our PayPal payments. Damages in the…

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Understand Narrative Therapy

Human beings are story tellers. We understand the world and one another through stories, through the recounting of events that make patterns out of the chaos. But these stories are by definition subjective, they represent particular points of view, of people influenced by time and place. They include some details while excluding others. Incidentally narrative …

Brooklyn-based artist Alex Roulette creates oil based paintings that look incredibly real. In his most recent series titled Fabricated Realism, all the landscapes and subjects that Alex paints are actually invented. They appear to be painted versions of existing photographs, but Roulette is creating events and places and people that never were.