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Monkey Around with Synonyms

Learning is going to be fun when these cute monkeys help you teach your students about antonyms. Monkey around and get to know those antonyms.

Monkey Around with Synonyms

Monkey Around with Antonyms.

Pocket Game - Super Pack

Nearly 500 flashcards: 178 Analogies, 26 Antonyms, 51 Homonyms, 26 Multiple Meanings/Definitions, 26 Synonyms, 98 Vocabulary, & 71 Articulation Carry-Over! From @sublimespeech

Not an app, but great idea for teaching syntax and expanding sentences! Flip Books-Practice creating and expanding sentences! Add other sentence parts and fasten them onto the book rings in the same folder.

Common Core Reading: Teaching 1st graders how to think about reading literature

Private "I" Processing

Private "I" Processing is a pack to target language processing skills with a cute detective theme for later preschool & early elementary age students! This pack targets comparing/contrasting, category naming, word finding, and describing/attributes.