yay...online file storage and sharing with 5GB file max! It might help relieve the stress on my site during PEAK traffic (summer and especially the week and NIGHT before school starts). Let's hope....!

31 Free eFront Video Tutorials Would you be interested in a list of Free eFront LMS Video Tutorials? Would you like to know how to customize a lesson, work with categories, create a course or a lesson, work with job descriptions and certifications at eFront LMS? http://elearningindustry.com/subjects/free-elearning-resources/item/426-31-free-efront-video-tutorials

PDF to WORD - Can't live without this one. Upload a pdf file and have the editable Word version emailed to you for free!

immersive learning

READ THE WORDS - This converter allows users to insert text, a document, or URL and then convert the words to a playable audio file. Select the avatar and voice of your choice. Could be a really helpful tool for struggling readers and language learners who need text read aloud.

PDF to EXCEL - Turn that pdf file into a workable Excel file in just a few minutes. Upload your pdf, enter your email address, and a spreadsheet will be sent to you.

SCORM Cloud: sistema de registro LRS (learning Recorded Store). Descarga e Información sobre las característica y novedades de este nuevo sistema de registro en la nube.

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