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Eskimo kisses

Adorable photos of unlikely animal pairs.


I just love giraffes

Me when my daughter's visit ends nd she goes back to NYC tomorrow.

5 Funny Dog Pictures

no i love you more. i love YOU MORE!no no i love you more shannonnm

corgi pup: corgi puppy http://www.facebook.com/pages/Creative-Boys-Club/574340755933728?ref=ts=ts

corgi pup: corgi puppy I want this dog!

kissing booth

We made the same sign on the litterbox

Things will look up

Things will look up

Dis grate Dane...

Great Dane gives puppy kisses to a kitten

Golden retriever + Siberian husky - oh, may i?

Golden Retriever + Siberian Husky = golden husky or Siberian retriever

albino-racoon-original-214x300.jpg (214×300)

White Raccoon - Animal Kingdom in Rare Form

Fox and chicken friends

30 unlikely animal friendships

Apparently Flint the Fox and Beau the Cockerel were involved in a scrap before this picture was taken (Flint bit a chunk of feathers off Beau's impressive mane). You'll be pleased to know they've since made up, and Flint has kept his jaws firmly shut.