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This is what an ice-free Antarctica looks like

The British Antarctic Survey gives us the clearest view yet of Antarctica stripped of all its ice.

A rookery of Adelie penguins near Palmer Station, Antarctica. Photograph By: Peter Rejcek, National Science Foundation

A rookery of Adelie penguins near Palmer Station, Antarctica. Photograph By: Peter Rejcek, National Science Foundation

The air in Antarctica is so cold that water vapor can condense out of the air and form tiny ice crystals that then fall to the ground. On a sunny day, the sun's rays glint off the crystals, creating a phenomenon called diamond dust, according to the British Antarctic Survey.

50 Amazing Facts About Antarctica

Antarctica is the coldest, windiest, driest continent on the planet, and researchers are still discovering many of its secrets. Find out some of the most interesting facts about the southernmost continent!

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There are no trees or shrubs on Antarctica, and only two species of flowering plants (found on some of Antarctica's surrounding islands and on the Antarctic Peninsula).

50 Amazing Facts About Antarctica

Water has not flowed across Antarctica's Friis Hills for 14 million years, researchers reported at the Geological Society of America's an.

NASA's IceBridge Mission Contributes to New Map of Antarctica | NASA

Sea Level Change: Multimedia - The bedrock beneath Antarctica

Antarctica Without Ice - Imgur

Antarctica Without Ice - Imgur

Antarctica HD Wallpaper

"What you want from a vacation is not always what you get.

Antarctic landmass revealed.

Is An Ancient Lost Civilization Buried Beneath The Ice Of Antarctica ::: Antarctica = Agartha ::: Greenland = Atlantis

Image: NASA And Europe, Africa and the Middle East This image was taken from a composite picture of the Earth at various times of the night.

A half a mile below the surface of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet, in a lake that hasn’t been touched by sunshine or wind in millions of years, life goes on.

Grotto in Berg, Antarctica, Herbert George Ponting 1911

HG Ponting Antartica Scott’s ship, Terra Nova, seen through a grotto in the Antarctic: the most famous of the photographs by Herbert Ponting from the ill‑fated expedition. Sadly the drama of Scott’s death obliterates interest in Ponting’s work.


31 Best Antarctica Photos captured in order to show amazing place and animals from this strange continent. They also show the most popular attraction from Antarctica.